Tradewind Interns

Summer Internship Program

Our annual Summer Internship Program is an excellent opportunity for students to gain exposure to different business career pathways across the Tradewind Group family of companies.

Interns work closely and network with a variety of professionals in insurance products and services, IT consulting, and real estate and equity investments. The objective of the program is to provide formalized training and learning opportunities across different business disciplines. In addition to general business knowledge, interns will gain hands-on experience within a chosen company, allowing for a greater focus and deeper perspective of that company’s business operations.  During the program, interns will have the opportunity to work on a company/department-specific project that will further expand and solidify the knowledge gained during the 8-week program.

Applications are accepted starting in late February and the paid internship lasts from mid-June to mid-August.


Program Overview

Video credit to Jaymes Tokuda and Kai Bloom, 2023 Summer Interns assigned to the Human Resources department.

8-Week Program Roadmap

Phase 1

week 1-2

During this time, interns rotate across the various Tradewind Group family of companies. At each company, interns will learn about different sectors of business from professionals who specialize in those fields.

week 3-7

Starting in Week 3, interns will be assigned to their respective company and provided with on-the-job training within their departments.

Simultaneously, interns will work on company/department-specific projects  that have real-world impact for the organization.  

Phase 3

week 8

The final week will be a culmination of the past 7 weeks. Interns will present their company/department projects and share their experiences with the executive leaders of Tradewind Group.

Maddy Seabolt

Tradewind Group, Accounting

University of Hawaii – Manoa, Senior

The most valuable experience that I have had from this internship is meeting so many new people. I have been able to create new relationships and long-lasting connections with all the other interns. Both the interns and professionals were all so kind and friendly, I am very happy to have been a part of this community.

Kenny Nishikawa

Tradewind Capital, Real Estate

University of Southern California, Sophomore

My most valuable experience I had is getting dropped cold into real estate projects and getting a hands-on feel for how to calculate financials, understanding valuations, and how real estate as an investment operates.

Brian Cox

Atlas Insurance, Surety Bond

Utah State University, Junior

My internship experience with Atlas Insurance Agency has been phenomenal. The guidance and aloha I received was unmatched and is a testament to the excellence within this network of companies. It has been an honor to be a part of this company and its force for good in our community. Mahalo Nui Tradewind Group and Atlas Insurance Agency!

Keissa Isono


University of Hawaii – Manoa, Senior

My favorite memories with my fellow interns at Pacxa include impulsively partaking in the wellness fitness challenge as well as taking on two challenging projects that pushed us to work as a team.

Valarie Briglia

Island Insurance

Penn State, Senior

“My favorite memory with the other interns was volunteering at the Hawaii Foodbank. This experience allowed us to create better relationships with one another while addressing the issues of hunger in Hawaii.”

Nate Loose

Pyramid Insurance

Loyola University Chicago, Junior

“My most valuable experience is having the ability to talk to senior executives from different companies within Tradewind Group. Talking with them has inspired me to improve my work ethic, perspective, and idea of what a community is.”